Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ruffled Market Tote

With "Earth Day" this month, this new bag is the perfect addition to the Loribelle Bags collection. Generously sized at 15" tall, 14" wide and 5" "deep" this bag can be used as a Market tote instead of the flimsy plastic bags. With this space and several slip pockets inside (FIVE!!!) it would make a perfect tote for just about any occasion. The front features a buttoned pocket sized just right for a cell phone or small billfold. I've attached elastic to the ties, so even with the bag cinched closed you can open it enough to insert items. You can also untie it and open it fully for easier access.

I've machine quilted this bag, which gives a nice layer of batting, or insulation. This should help keep cold foods cold longer than the little reusable bags or plastic bags. It also makes for a nice cozy tote to carry! While this bag wasn't originally designed to be reversible, if you want the pockets on the outside, there are no visible seams, so this can easily be turned inside out and used with the pink side out.

This bag is for sale for $35 and will be on Etsy in the next day or so. If you'd like to buy it before I list it on Etsy, please let me know. This same bag can be ordered as a custom bag in the colors of your choice for the same price.


PS, this bag doesn't have a person's name yet. I'll name it after the person who buys it.


  1. Lori, great bag! Maybe it should be your signature bag, the Loribelle, since you created it. I don't recall you naming a bag after yourself. It could also be the Bethany or the Natalie after one of your girls. Just a thought/suggestion.

  2. I just need to say that you do beautiful work!

  3. This is such a pretty bag, all ruffly and ready to go out...your colors are beautiful too!

  4. Lori, I really love this bag. The bright colours are so me. You are very talented. Where do you find the time?